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Terms and conditions


Once one of our clients, (referred to as ‘you’ or ‘they’), books a Marrakech Desert Trip by budget-desert-tours, (referred to as ‘we’ or ‘us’), they acknowledge that they accept our terms and conditions.

Payments – Booking procedures

Budget-desert-tours will draw up an invoice with payment details. As well as a thorough itinerary once you accept the quoted price and itinerary. Once we receive a 25% deposit of your total invoice, we will confirm your booking. Budget-desert-tours accepts payments via MasterCard, Bank Transfer, and PayPal. The payment timings, for further information, are as follows:

  •  An initial deposit of 25%;
  • We will remind you four (4) days prior to your travel date. You must pay a further 25% of the total invoice at that time.
  •  You may pay the remaining 50% at any time prior to your travel date. Alternatively, you can pay it in-person when you meet your tour guide.

Booking changes and alterations

Budget-desert-tours will do everything in its power to renounce any additional charges. We also urge you to take into consideration; that it may not be feasible to travel within 15 days of your start date. If you have any alterations to your booking, you must request so in writing; and at the earliest opportunity.

As mentioned above; Budget-desert-tours will undertake any alterations. And will do everything in its power to accommodate accordingly. However, we do not offer any guarantee. If the changes are not possible for any reason, you will be presented with two options. Either cancel the tour and pay any applicable cancellation fees. Or, continue with your, already arranged, budget desert tour. Please see below for additional information regarding our cancellation policy.

Cancellation Policy

If you choose to cancel your travel arrangements, Budget-desert-tours is going to need your instructions in writing. Please contact us as soon as possible. Also,d see below to get a broader understanding of how budget-desert-tours determine its applicable cancellation charges.

  • For more than 21 days’ notice, a fee of 25% is applicable.
  • Between 11 and 20 days’ notice, a fee of 50% is applicable.
  • Cancellations made in less than 10 days does not yield any refund.

Unforeseen circumstances

Circumstances may include, but not limited to, terrorist activity, riots, war, nuclear disasters, adverse weather conditions, fires, and other circumstances. Budget-desert-tours reserves the right to cancel your excursion or booked tour in case these unforeseen circumstances arise. Budget-desert-tours will refund you in full; ( i.e. Any payment that you had already paid to us – includes the deposit ). However, additional compensation fees will not be applied and Budget-desert-tours is not liable to such matter.

Special requests

Before we finalize your booking, we will need your special requests to be provided in writing. Budget-desert-tours will pass on the information to its partners and vendors in order to ensure total satisfaction and comfortable experience.

We will advise, prior to the completion of your booking, in writing, if Budget-desert-tours is unable to meet your requests. However, our clients must rest assured that we will do everything in our power to meet your special requests. We will also not be held liable. If us, or any of our vendors/service providers, are unable to complete your special request.


It is within our responsibilities to point out the insurance matter. Budget-desert-tours does not provide any insurance. We urge you to obtain appropriate travel insurance when booking any tour of any nature. We recommend that you always travel with baggage loss insurance, illness insurance, delays, and so on.

Our responsibilities

Budget-desert-tours is liable, and will pay reasonable compensation; if you deem your desert tour to be “not of reasonable standard or not as described”. Unless Budget-desert-tours and/or our partners and vendors are not the direct source of a fault, reasonable compensation will be paid. At no time, whatsoever, will Budget-desert-tours assume any responsibility regarding illness, damage, loss, or death during your trip.

Travel documentation

You are solely responsible to ensure your possession of a passport that’s valid for six months prior to entering Morocco. Your travel documents are a personal matter to you, and we recommend that you secure your valid, travel documents.

Privacy and confidentiality

It is within Budget-desert-tours’ responsibilities to ensure proper security measures. We will set in place various procedures. In order to protect private and confidential information provided to us during your booking process. Budget-desert-tours will use the information obtained to complete your travel arrangements, i.e. accommodations, third-party vendors.

We will share your disability, whether medical or dietary, with our partners. In order to ensure the smooth-sail of your tour. By making a booking with Budget desert tours; you consent to the fact that we may share this information with relevant third-parties.


It is within your rights to deem a tour dissatisfying. In such a case, we urge you to contact your driver/guide or hotel immediately. We will make enough efforts. In order to resolve any issues that you may face. Alternatively, you may contact our Budget-desert-tours representative or customer service in writing. Please provide us with details of your complaint so we can resolve the matter in a timely manner.