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About us

Hello, we are budget desert tours. Here’s a little something about what makes us, us.

It is with utmost honor, and excitement that I say the following words.; Budget Desert Tours is a premium licensed Morocco tours operator. I’ll spare you the spiel about how our company is the best there is – even though that’s a fact. We tend to not flaunt our reputation. Instead, we prefer showing it.

Still, it is a privilege of mine, and to all Budget Desert Tours staff to say that we operate from a position of love and appreciation for the desert. You’re all our guests here, and we can not wait to welcome you all.

Personally, I have already realized that the driving force behind the success of Budget Desert Tours is you, our guest. By acknowledging that, Budget Desert Tours’ team and myself have strived to achieve our goal, and that is to offer great value for what you’re paying.

During my glorious days of Business 101, I have learned that the customer’s happiness is the most vital factor in any business’ continuity. I was able to finally kick off Budget Desert Tours after fusing what I had learned in business school, with my deep appreciation for the desert.

One thing, amongst many, that causes great concern to me, is the so-called “ tour companies” that operate in bad faith and without any license. You will only come to realize that your tour company is operating illegally when problems arise. Suddenly, you’ll find yourself in heated arguments with providers and unmanageable staffers. And then, everything continues to spiral.

These less than legitimate tour companies are sure to get into troubles with the law sooner or later. But operating illegally is one thing, and missing the entire essence of the journey is another. The former is punishable by law, and the latter is downright unethical.

It’s my duty – as a desert lover.

So, as a former business student, current Morocco tour operator, and a desert fanatic, I feel that I am responsible for your cautiousness. If I were to give out one advice to every traveling soul out there, it’s this; do not let the 5-10 euros difference affect your judgment. We’re happy to pay our taxes, take care of each other, and make you experience a genuine Morocco desert tour.

Please take your time when booking any tour. Choosing the wrong one may have some very unpleasant moments, and that completely defeats the purpose. Let us guide you through this gorgeous gem of a country and show you what Morocco really feels like.

Questions, suggestions, friendly chit chat, our customer support is more than happy to do all of that. Let us know if we can be of help, we’re very dedicated and very Moroccan.