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group tours Marrakech

Budget desert tours from Marrakech

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Discover the magical warmth of Morocco.
Join this adventure leading to absolute bliss.

Our ancestors shaped this land, and we’re taking you on tour.

2 days marrakech desert tours

Explore a culturally different world. 2 days on a Marrakech desert tour that combines excitement with culture, and a whole lot of fun. You’ll feel welcome in Morocco and you will surely love your stay. Discover what wonders the Marrakech desert has in store for you.

Price per person 59€

3 days desert tour from Marrakech

Join this 3-day adventure from Marrakech. You will be taken to the depths of the desert and you will experience Morocco the way it’s supposed to be experienced. Have a different and exciting tour from Marrakech. We’ll keep you nourished, amused, and relaxed.

Price per person 89€

3-day Marrakech to Fes desert tours

This is a message to everyone who plans to visit Morocco. You should definitely visit Morocco’s two major cities, Marrakech and Fez. On this Marrakech to Fes desert tour, we’ll take you to both of these cities. We have been able to combine two of Morocco’s most charming features. Its ancient culture, and its gorgeous desert.

Price per person 169€

Group tours from Marrakech – Made with love, sand, and tagines

Moroccans are widely known for their excessive hospitality. You could enter a random Berber village in the middle of nowhere, and you will be served dinner, provided with a shelter, and you’ll have the most Moroccan breakfast the day after.

What we’ve been doing since we first started Marrakech budget desert tours all revolved around this concept; be good to others, and let your inner Moroccan manifest. We have done exactly that, with a hint of business.

We say “a hint” because, with us, you will feel like you’re one of us. You’ll go to places we love, rest assured you will too, visit monuments that had shaped our Moroccan culture, and taste delicious food – so delicious, that your taste buds will definitely change, and it’s worth it.

And the cherry on top this Moroccan sundae is that all of this can be done – on a budget.

In order to come up with mesmerizing Group Budget Tours, we have teamed up with the best in business. Our selection of hotels and riads is flawless; you will overnight in gorgeous palaces and be treated like royalty – also on a budget.

Please keep in mind that Moroccans have to release their repressed kindness, so a royalty on a budget is still… pretty royal.

We’ll never leave you hanging – Daily Marrakech Budget Tours

It’s not us to deprive anyone of Morocco. We understand – and soon enough, you will – that visiting Morocco is more of a need, rather than a want. Budget-desert-tours guarantees daily departures from Marrakech.

You can look at it this way, we’ve got a reserved spot for every single person on earth. No rush, take your time, pack your essentials and give us a call.

Small groups of lively individuals are formed nearly every day. Shared group tours Marrakech is the technical term, soul cleansing experience is its fundamental term.

On our Shared group tours Marrakech, a group of individuals (students, friends, families, camels…) will be composed. The essence of our Marrakech Budget Tours lies in friendships that are formed during our Shared  Tours Marrakech. You will get to meet new people, and learn about new cultures, which is what Morocco is all about.

Fusing two concepts, to create soul enriching Marrakech Budget Tours

Although it’s a vital factor and what shapes our entire business, we cannot rely solely on our instinctive hospitality, the business side must be brought in. And since that was inevitable, we figured why not perfect that as well; and so we did.

We cherry-picked our staff and assembled the most bright and buoyant individuals. These hard-working people have made Budget desert tours, and we’re forever grateful. Whether you’re sightseeing, delighting in Moroccan cuisine, or unfolding ancient Moroccan mysteries, we’re certain that you’ll receive the full Marrakech desert experience, and you can rely on our knowledgeable guides to fill you in.

Our vehicles are fully insured and regularly checked, we’ve passed the government’s assessment, and our camels are being pampered. All you need to worry about is how much tan you’re planning on getting.

Nothing makes us evolve more than feedback. If you’ve got any questions or suggestions, we’ll be more than happy to hear. And to all those night owls, ring us anytime, we’d love to chitchat.

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We’re licensed, bonded, and adorable. Yours is to want and say your wants. Ours is to listen and to do. Budget Desert Tours will have everything under control. Relax, enjoy your stay and bon appétit.

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An unforgettable experience does not require a fortune. Budget Desert Tours, guarantees the best price available. You’ll discover so yourself once you’re done with your desert tours within local regulations research.

Not satisfied? An apology, and a full refund

Budget Desert Tours will happily refund you if you deem your Marrakech budget tour to be unsatisfying. Travel Design, our parent company in Morocco, has set strict guidelines for us to go by. In the end, it’s a great time or your money back.